Welcome to the Abyss, my little nook on the internet! This site is best viewed on desktop, Chrome if possible. This website is in a constant state of construction, do forgive me if things are broken lol. Credits can be found in source code.

[ Apr. 4, 2024 ]

i've unleashed my site unto the public!

[ Mar. 28, 2024 ]

Dreams page is done! Come take a gander at the machinations of my sleeping mind!

[ Feb. 29, 2024 ]

Ancient Tree of Wisdom is now visitable! See him from the explore page for a nugget of wisdom! Also made the site logo! Oh, how it twists!

[ Feb. 20, 2024 ]

THE FOREST PAGE IS DIGGITY DONE!!! IT IS HERE, BEHOLD! Truly the gem of this site (at least so far). Most clickable things dont have links but dont worry about it!

[ Feb. 16, 2024 ]

Making headway on the forest page (main mechanics down, art is about halfway done). Also have the guestbook page set up

[November 21, 2023 ]

Start of development on website

Neocities Logo

Transmasculine Pride Webring

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